Welcome to the Assessors office.

The Assessor is responsible for placing a value on parcels of land and all personal property accounts. The county has 26,000 plus parcels of land. The Assessor has two offices. The main office is located on the first floor and the Real Estate office is located in the basement.

The Real Estate office is responsible for making maps and inputting data on each parcel.

Jody Paschal, County Assessor

News from the Assessors office

Property Reassessment Underway 2017

Callaway County is currently out of compliance with the State Tax Commission. Therefore the Assessor of Callaway County has been mandated, by the State Tax Commission to revalue residential and agricultural properties.

Jody Paschal, Assessor of Callaway County, reports that he is in last phases of reassessing all real estate in the the county. State law requires that such a reassessment , or reappraisal, be conducted every odd-numbered year for property tax purposes.

“Our state constitution requires that the value we place on the property reflects fair market value,” said Callaway Assessor Jody Paschal. “To arrive at that value, may staff and I have conducted field reviews of all property in the county. We are also using a new software system that allows us to get a more accurate value of properties.”

The field review work includes verifying all previously record data, evaluating the condition of improvements, and measuring any new additions or buildings. After gathering and updating information regarding the property, the assessor studies recent sales as well as construction costs in the county to establish local market values. If the new values do not reflect market value or are otherwise inaccurate, state funding could be negatively impacted.

State law requires the assessor to notify all property owner of any increase in property values. The assessor’s office will begin mailing these notices in June.

There is an appeal process:

  1. Contact the Assessor and discuss why there was a change in value
  2. Make an appointment with County Clerk for BOE hearing
  3. Attend the Board of Equalization meeting on your set date
  4. Contact the State Tax Commission to take further action

Unfortunately, the impact of assessment changes cannot be calculated until September, when the levies are set by the taxing entities. While it is the responsibility of the assessor to place accurate values of the tax rolls for 2017, it is clearly the responsibility of the schools, and other political subdivisions to set levies, which are the final determination of the amount of taxes.

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