Welcome to the Auditors office.

The office serves a basically internal function by issuing purchase orders for goods and services used by the county; verifying payments made on behalf of the county; and certifying all contracts entered in the name of the county. The Auditor serves as financial advisor to the county as budget officer to the county commission and other officeholders.

The Auditor is responsible for maintaining financial records and transactions, and serves in the capacity of watchdog over budgets, expenditures and revenues for all county functions.

Rylee Page, Auditor
  • Telephone: 573-642-0727

ARPA Application:

Please fill out the ARPA Application and return it to:

Jeanna Machon – Callaway County Grant Administrator [email protected] or in person at 10 East 5th Street, Room G16, Fulton, MO 65251, or you may also fax it to (573) 642-0727.

For more information on ARPA go to:  https://callawaycounty.org/auditor/

Return the application to the Callaway County Grant Administrator.